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March/April 2005


On the radar Taking over the asylum Progress scans the political landscape for targets to set its sight on

Tanked up Blackened reputations

Westminster watch They think it’s all over

Any questions Andy Burnham answers Progress’ questions

The campaign

Interview ‘We’ve got to carry this on’ Tony Blair talks to Robert Philpot and Jennifer Gerber

Can Labour lose? Robert Philpot on the Tories’ strong performance

The defiance of science Technology isn’t everything when ti comes to fighting a good campaign, says Greg Cook

Digging up Islwyn Man No voters, not floating voters, will decide the next election, says Roger Mortimore

Come call on Slough Matthew Burchell examines the kety battlegrounds at the general election

Local heroes This election will be won by taking the campaign into our communities, argues Hazel Blears

The joy of campaigning Paul Richards runs through the strategies campaign managers can use to find and encourage their activists

Opportunity knocks Four candidates fighting Labour’s corner in some very different constituencies share their experiences

And another thing… Will Higham presents Progress’ guide to the major talking-points of the election

The opposition

Stuck in the middle with you Lance Price offers some advice on how to fight the opposition

The Younge ones Follow the fashionable advice to cast a protest vote and wake up to a Tory government, warns Tom Watson

Beware Tasmanian loggers Helen Newton sees lessons for Labour in the recent Australian elections

Lest we forget Forgotten how bad it was living under the Tories? Here’s a reminder…

A Major what if… Will Higham asks what would ahve happened had John Major won in 1997

Scare Tory Matthew Burchell looks into the future to see the consequences of a Conservative victory

Three’s a crowd Labour must expose the hollow promises of third parties, urges Douglas Alexander

With friends like these… Johann Hari explains why George Galloway’s party fails to win his Respect

Don’t look back in anger Thinking of casting a protest vote? Think again, warns Mark Day

Don’t believe the hype The Liberal Democrats’ success depends on dishonesty about what they stand for, argues Matthew Burchell


International Blog off Did technology swing the US presidential election? Sam Hardy thinks not

Progress comment A victory for optimism

Pilgrim Bumble in the jungle After the general election, the Tory leadership contest?

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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