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March/April 2006


Editorial With respect We should broaden the ‘respect’ agenda beyond anti-social behaviour

On the radar Nothing like a dame Progress scans the political landscape

Parents and children first Tony Blair defends his school reforms

It’s not rocket science Trust schools will widen educational access, says David Triggs

A whole lotto nothin’ David Cameron’s strategy is becoming clearer, warns Liam Byrne

Repeat after me Is David Cameron a moderniser? James Purnell thinks not

Careless talk Alex Belardinelli examines the Tories’ conversion to the social justice cause

Lost in translation What’s the purpose behind the talk of party reform, asks Tony Robinson

Fatal flaws Philip Cowley responds to last issue’s Pilgrim column

Pilgrim Prophet of gloom Should Zygmunt Bauman really be the left’s new guru?


Cover story Freedom fighter The Iraq war has its roots in a long history of left anti-totalitarianism, suggests Oliver Kamm

Cover story A question of solidarity The anti-war left should support its Iraqi comrades, argues Gary Kent

Cover story Rules of engagement We need to build a progressive consensus on humanitarian intervention, says Leni Wild

English heritage Billy Bragg talks Lords’ reform, nationalism and the BNP with Mark Day and Jennifer Gerber

In the balance Could the new Lib Dem leader be king-maker after the next election, asks Paul Whiteley

Going local Greg Cook surveys May’s local election battleground

Lagging behind Rising prison numbers aren’t cracking crime, warns William Higham

Sphinx again Denis MacShane examines Francois Mitterrand’s legacy ten years after his death

Reviews Peter Kyle relives the run-up to the Iraq war, Mark Day looks at public attitudes after two terms of Labour, and Lenny Shallcross is unimpressed by Ann Widdecombe

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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