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May 2008

Local elections

Editorial Mayday Only the New Labour approach can win the next election

Metropolitan meltdown The scale of Labour’s defeat can be seen in metropolitan England’s parliamentary constituencies, says Lewis Baston

Tax bombshell Could the 10p tax row shatter the New Labour coalition, asks Sally Keeble

Radical opportunity The prime minister needs a bold move. Elected mayors it is, argues Guy Lodge


ProgressOnline The latest from the Progress website and blog

The only alternative There is only one voting system that is fair and stands a chance of being introduced, argues Peter Hain

Lords of the myths The Lords committee’s report on migration is flawed in its analysis and its remedies, says David Coats

Moving target David Cairns on the SNP’s first year in power

Party rules Philip Cowley explains why free votes are problematic affairs


Cover story Fight back Charles Clarke lays out a roadmap for how Labour can win again

Hung out Peter Kellner outlines the potential scenarios if the next election produces no clear winner

Left Bank to West Bank As Israel celebrates its 60th anniversary, Colin Shindler traces the left’s relationship with Zionism

Pipe dreams Europe’s energy needs will be secured not by kow-towing to the Kremlin but by a democratic Russia that respects the rule of law, argues Gary Titley

Criminal record? Continuing our Progressive Challenge series, Enver Solomon examines Labour’s record on crime and justice


The peace processor Patrick Diamond is gripped by Jonathan Powell’s account of the Irish peace process

Olympic democrat Greg Rosen finds Ming Campbell’s autobiography lacking in political insight

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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