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May 2009


Editorial Raising our sights Labour must focus on new ideas – not cheap political pointscoring – if it is to win a fourth term

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Mondeo matters Labour must again speak to voters’ sense of aspiration, says David Cairns

Hard task Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher assess Labour’s prospects in next month’s local and European elections

Winning formula? The budget could be a key campaigning tool for Labour at the next election, says Rachel Reeves

Paternity test Extending paternity leave should be one of Labour’s long-term objectives, says Jessica Asato

Mutual attraction Mutualism is the best way to ensure the long-term health of our banks and the economy, argues Michael Stephenson

One-term wonder? Claims that President Obama will not last beyond his first term are hysterical and hasty, says Will Straw


Progress news A roundup of forthcoming Progress events

Tanked up What’s been going on at the nation’s thinktanks

The Insider All the latest from the Westminster village


Cover story London falling Boris Johnson’s first year as mayor has divided the capital. Steve Reed surveys the damage

More for less To deliver fair and efficient public services in the current economic climate requires making some tough choices, argues Ben Lucas

Liberal paralysis Progressives must assist moderate Muslims in their efforts to counter extremist ideology, says Ed Husain


A progressive prescription Andrew Pakes reviews Anthony Giddens’s book on the politics of climate change

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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