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May 2010


Editorial Time to get real Labour must think radically and boldly about how it will win back the key voters who deserted it at the election

Opinion Biting back Anthony Wells looks at who the likely rebels will be, on both sides of the house, in this parliament

Opinion Building victory Gisela Stuart and Caroline Badley explain how Obama-style campaigning helped Labour retain Birmingham Edgbaston

Opinion Out of love Labour lost middle England at the election. Sally Keeble outlines how to win these key voters back

Opinion Work in progress Labour had a good online campaign, but it was not an internet election, says Alex Smith

Opinion Regaining trust Labour must learn that focusing on family issues is not the way to win women’s votes, argues Jessica Asato

Opinion Townhall triumphs Labour’s local election results brought some much-needed cheer to the party, says David Sparks


Tanked up The latest from wonk world

Progress news How the team helped on the campaign trail

The Insider Another dispatch from the Westminster village


‘We learn by history, we don’t live in it’ Richard Angell talks to David Miliband about his campaign for the Labour leadership

Cover story Lost in the middle Liam Byrne looks at why Labour lost the general election – and how it can win again

Marginal matters Labour saw off the Lib Dem threat at the election, but lost key middle England marginals, says Lewis Baston

New Labour, new country The New Labour government leaves a legacy of achievement on which the next generation must build, says Roger Liddle

Opposition knocks Greg Rosen surveys Labour’s history for lessons in how it can make the most of opposition


Radical remedy Philippe Legrain’s book on fixing the financial crisis is both provocative and intellectually sound, says Varun Chandra

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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