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May 2011


Editorial The negative ‘No’ campaign The No campaign has failed to make a positive case to Labour supporters

Progress news All the latest about Progress and our members

Commentary Thinking anew Robert Philpot introduces our blue Labour special edition

The Big Idea Mutually beneficial How private sector co-ops can temper globalisation, by Matthew Zarb-Cousin

Opinion Huhne and cry Someone’s got their eye on Nick Clegg’s job, writes Paul Richards

Opinion Standing to be counted Labour has nominated more candidates in the local elections, reports Luke Akehurst

The Progressive Taking liberties The royal wedding will bolster the monarchy’s popularity once again. But once the bunting is put away, the powers of the institution still need a thorough examination

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

Opinion Party loyalty Labour is taking a hard look at its own organisation. Now is the time to get involved in this historic process, argues Joanne Milligan

Opinion Our island story Labour’s early parliamentary selections in the ‘island’ seats are a chance to pioneer a new type of politics, says Richard Angell

Opinion On the right track High Speed Two is Labour’s opportunity to push for real reform of our railways, writes Mark Rowney

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Tanked up Adam Harrison with the latest from the wonk world

Dates for your diary Forthcoming Progress events


Cover story Something blue, something new By debating the points of agreement and friction between New Labour and blue Labour, we can see the outline of a fresh and attractive political orientation, argues Graeme Cooke

Yesterday once more Blue Labour has nothing to offer the party’s renewal, says Stephen Bush

Labour isn’t working New Labour’s estrangement from working people is at the root of its problems. Blue Labour is where it should go next, Maurice Glasman tells Robert Philpot

Class politics The public values of the Labour party now diverge from the private values of many of its traditional supporters, believes Peter Kellner

Embracing diversity Philippe Legrain on why the progressive left must build a positive narrative around diversity which meshes with social democratic values and is in tune with the reality of modern communities and identities

Right on target Cultural challenges have hit the left hard across Europe, while rightwing populist parties have repositioned themselves to exploit the opportunity, suggest Roger Liddle and Michael McTernan


The Prime Ministers Who Never Were Too many of these ‘what ifs’ cross the line from counterfactual to fantasy, says Peter Riddell

How To Use Politicians to Get What You Want Paul Richards looks at the first guide to lobbying to appear since the expenses scandal

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