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May 2012


Editorial A defeat for Livingstone, not Labour Ken Livingstone’s defeat in the London mayoral election was both shocking and unsurprising

Cover story The comeback Ed The local elections saw a strong Labour performance in some difficult parliamentary territory, reports Lewis Baston

Commentary None of the above The local elections showed voters tiring of party politics but not personalities, believes Peter Watt

Local elections London’s groundhog day election To understand Ken Livingstone’s loss, we need to look back to his selection as Labour’s candidate, says Wes Streeting

Local elections Down but not out The British National party gets a pasting but that does not mean the far-right threat is finished, argue Nick Lowles and Ruth Smeeth

The Progressive Seeking the new Chamberlain Despite this month’s referendums, Labour should seize the chance to bring about a new age of powerful city politics in Britain

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress  website

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Tanked up Adam Harrison with the latest from the wonk world

Dates for your diary News on Progress’ Third Place First conference and the NEC election deadlines


The dilettante’s dogma The Conservative part of the coalition comprises a damagingly irresponsible mix of ideologues and amateurs, writes David Blunkett

The A–Z of the coalition government Two years after David Cameron entered Downing Street, Progress presents our take on the government’s record so far

C is for … Nick Clegg Andrew Adonis paints a portrait of the free-market libertarian

D is for … Iain Duncan Smith The work and pensions secretary is fighting the last war, says Nick Pearce

E is for … Economy Stephen Beer examines George Osborne’s mismanagement of the economy

I is for … Immigration cap We need deeds, not words, writes Fiona Mactaggart

L is for … Law and order Jane Kennedy discovers a trail of broken promises

N is for … NHS reform The government is a roadblock to reform, argues Alan Milburn

P is for … Eric Pickles The communities secretary is localising the blame, suggests Steve Reed

W is for … Women Kate Green says that women are in the line of fire

Y is for … Youth unemployment We should beware an economic and social time-bomb, warns David Miliband


The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science – and Reality Will Straw discovers a fascinating, frustrating and ultimately dangerous book

After the Third Way: The Future of Social Democracy in Europe Denis MacShane enjoys an in-depth study of the European left


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Adam Harrison

is a councillor in the London borough of Camden

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