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May 2014


Editorial Time for the liberal fightback Only Ed Miliband has the values and credibility to engage Nigel Farage

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Opinion Putting rail back on track Public ownership is good politics and policy, says Manuel Cortes

Opinion Hug a tax accountant Labour needs to get technical on tax, argues Jolyon Maugham

Opinion Cyril Smith’s double life Simon Danczuk on confronting a cover-up

Opinion Status to deliver We need a secretary of state for housing, writes Sally Prentice

Letter from … Marcel Lewandowsky reports on the rise of Germany’s rightwing populist party

The Progressive Europeans or bust Labour’s leadership should not run scared of the voters’ Euroscepticism

Opinion Foundations for victory Twenty years after his death, Hilary Armstrong considers John Smith’s legacy

Opinion The modernisers’ manifesto Conservatives still lack a strategy for the future, finds Patrick Diamond

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

Tanked Up Adam Harrison with the latest from the wonk world

Dates for your diary News of Progress’ north-west conference

Commentary Five tests for 2015 Hopi Sen outlines how to measure Labour’s progress over the next 12 months

FordeThought Axelrod for our own back Matt Forde queries the wisdom of promotional videos about our advisers


Interview ‘We should take the fight to Ukip’ Ukip is vulnerable to Labour attacks, Caroline Flint tells Robert Philpot and Adam Harrison

Cover story How the Greens ran ashore Stephen Bush reports on three years of misrule in Brighton

Left right behind Is Nigel Farage simply leading a bunch of renegade Tories that will harm David Cameron next May? Matthew Goodwin disputes the prevailing wisdom

Farage to the test The weight of expectations in this month’s European parliament elections is heaviest on the United Kingdom Independence party, writes Lewis Baston

Poetry or prose? Greg Rosen identifies lessons for Ed Miliband from past Labour manifestos

The age of the city The UK’s cities could become engines of its economy – if they are given the right powers, writes Alexandra Jones


An Unexpected MP: Confessions of a political gossip Paul Richards is underwhelmed by Jerry Hayes’ alcohol-fuelled memoir

Smile for the Camera: The Double Life of Cyril Smith Keir Starmer finds important lessons in Simon Danczuk and Matthew Baker’s account of cover-ups in Rochdale


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Adam Harrison

is a councillor in the London borough of Camden

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