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May/June 2002


Comment A surer start Is the ‘radical’ second term here at last?

Westminster watch

Profile Political capital Will he run for Mayor of London and what does he think of the current incumbent? Assembly chair Trevor Phillips talks to Robert Philpot

Cover features

The crusade to save the NHS Gordon Brown explains how reform and investment will revitalise public services

Public works Can the private sector save public services? Dave Prentis thinks not

On the frontline We ask a group of public servants their views on the government’s plans


Labour comes home Phillip Collins examines the links between football and New Labour

Generation X Why are young people disengaged from politics? David Lammy introduces a special Progress feature

Don’t shoot the messenger The media can only help politicians re-engage young people, says Jon Craig

Dangerous myths Do young people really not care about politics? Ivan Lewis is not convinced

False dawn? Lawrence Pratchett examines whether e-voting will re-engage young people

Finish the job We should lower the voting age to sixteen, says Matt Cain

The young ones Ben Leapman investigates the youth and student wings of the three main parties

Inside Labour

Delivery rules Chris Smith asks what lessons we should learn from the local elections

Time for a truce Labour needs to heal the divisions in London, says Ken Livingstone

Far right and wrong David Baker examines who votes BNP and why

Modernise or die What lessons should the French Socialists take from their defeat, ask Frederic Michel and Matthew Browne

Office politics Joe Goldberg on the legacy of Millbank

Fighting to the end Margaret Jay pays tribute to Barbara Castle

Policy forum

The price of democracy? Sir Ken Jackson and Clive Soley debate state funding of political parties

Broadcast news Is better political coverage on TV the key to revitalising democracy, asks Andy Burnham

The new monarchists Is it time for the Queen to stand aside? Tom Bentley and James Wilsdon say yes

Cradle to grave Baby bonds are progressive and popular, argues Will Paxton

The last post? Neoliberalism threatens the Post Office, believes Billy Hayes

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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