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November 2006


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Editorial The mask slips The Tories’ tax commission tells us much about David Cameron

Creeping towards crisis There are no quick fix solutions to the crisis of prison overcrowding, says William Higham

Not just a Muslim thing The government’s attempts to root out radicals risks alienating the moderate Muslim majority, argues Rupa Huq

Direction needed Compass’ new pamphlet offers little guidance for Labour’s renewal, says David Coats

Going back to our roots Political parties need to reconnect with their members to survive, warns Fiona Mactaggart

Swing it to win it While the media loves David Cameron, swing voters prefer Gordon Brown, says James Morris


Westminster watch Ginger whingers Are some of the Cameroons being less than loyal to their leader, asks Ben Leapman

Tanked up Mark Day reports from wonk world

Progress diary News on upcoming events


Cover story Mid-term blues Can the Democrats take back control of the US Congress and make George Bush a lame duck? Robert Philpot assesses their chances

London calling The Tories’ success in this year’s London elections should give Labour cause for concern, says Tony Travers

A little local difficulty Local campaigning, not the effort of Central Office, was behind the Tories’ success in London, argues Jon Pearce

A capital plan Labour needs a joined-up political strategy to keep its support in London, says Luke Akehurst

Family matters A commitment to families is at the heart of Labour’s economic and social agenda, Beverley Hughes tells Robert Philpot

Our international interest Despite the difficulties in Afghanistan and Iraq, progressives should not abandon liberal interventionism, says Brian Brivati


Doorstep democracy Simon Alcock gets  stuck into John Redwood

Glass half full Tom Brooks Pollock finds Charles Kennedy’s glass half full

A shires’ revolt Mark Day on a shires’ revolt

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