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November 2007


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Editorial Third party blues The Liberal Democrats’ travails go deeper than questions of leadership

Unbridgeable divide? After Ming, where now for the progressive consensus, ask Alasdair Murray and Julian Astle

Rich reward Labour must offer more progressive alternatives to Tory tax proposals, argue Lisa Harker and Carey Oppenheim

Strong foundations The government’s latest spending plans will put Labour in a strong position at the next election, says Andy Burnham

Unequalled challenge The Equality and Human Rights Commission must make the case for why equality matters for everyone, says Nick Johnson

A right fight The incursion of the BNP into traditional Labour areas must be repelled, says Conor McGinn


Westminster watch Major caution Can Brown learn a lesson from the 1992 election, asks Ben Leapman

Tanked up Academic awards Ed Thornton reports from wonk world

Progress diary Advantage Labour Mark Harrison preview Progress’ annual conference and other autumn events


Cover story Time out As George Galloway seeks to unseat another Labour MP, voters must be reminded of his rancid ideology and poor parliamentary record, says Johann Hari

Vision thing Gordon Brown must put the fight against inequality at the heart of his government’s mission, argues Robert Philpot

Interview Unlucky for some Roy Hattersley rose to the top of Labour’s ranks during the party’s wilderness years. But he has no regrets, he tells Robert Philpot

No soft options Labour must persuade a sceptical public of the merits of liberal intervention, believes Alex Bigham

Close shave History suggests that rushing into an election was not advisable, says Lewis Baston


Weak house Greg Rosen enjoys Mark Oaten’s account of coalitions

Israeli imbalance Mark Rusling is unimpressed by Mitchell Bard’s latest book on Israel

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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