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November 2008


Editorial Back in the game The government has found a new sense of purpose – but this alone will not win it re-election

Inbox The latest from the Progress website

Turning the tide Elected mayors could be the best way to unlock the next wave of decentralisation, says Charlie Leslie

A vote too far Tom Levitt takes issue with the idea of directly elected police authorities

Driving change Labour cannot afford to ignore the concerns of motorists, argues Stephen Ladyman

Bad medicine Free prescriptions do not help those most in need, believes David Lipsey

Inhuman treatment The government must look again at whether its asylum policy causes destitution, suggests Eleanor Reeves

Funding tensions Toughening up on rules on migrant benefits will only inflame tensions, says Fiona Mactaggart


Progress diary The latest on Progress’ annual conference

Tanked up Royal reward Ed Thornton reports from the ‘thinktank Oscars’

Westminster watch The lemon popsicle rebellion The Insider’s latest dispatch from the village


Cover story ‘I’ve come home’ Peter Mandelson tells Robert Philpot and Jessica Asato why he’s returned from Brussels to frontline domestic politics

No left turn The banking crisis requires government action but not a return to 1970s state control, says Philippe Legrain

Crisis management The economic crisis may lead to new political battlegrounds at the next election, writes Howard Reed

Reclaiming Europe Will the global financial crisis revive the fortunes of European social democracy, asks Roger Liddle

Connecting the iPods Labour can win back the support of young people. Ben Page outlines how


Boardroom assault Matthew Burchell finds Polly Toynbee and David Walker’s book on inequality strong on analysis but weak on remedies

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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