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November 2009


Editorial Game change Labour still lacks an overarching narrative for Britain and a concrete commitment to democratic renewal

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

Bigger picture The BBC is failing to see who its real friends – and enemies – are, says Ben Bradshaw

Still shining? Is the Sun as influential as it thinks it is, asks John Curtice

What’s to lose? Gordon Brown should agree to a TV debate with David Cameron – but probably won’t, says Paul Richards

Playing safe Government needs to give more opportunities to small creative industries, suggests Chris Arnold

Fixing fatalism Claire McCarty takes issue with Barnardos’ illiberal prescription for problem families

Crisis and opportunity Fixing the financial crisis requires a new economic approach, says Robin Murray


Tanked up The latest from planet wonk

Progress news Progress’ lecture series hits the ground running

The Insider Another dispatch from the Westminster village


Cover story Urban warrior more elected city mayors and high-speed rail are just some of Andrew Adonis’ bold ideas for a Labour fourth term, discover Jessica Asato and Mark Day

Imitation Tories A New Labour guide to Tory policies for health, education and welfare

Bill, please Ahead of the Queen’s speech Progress asked 10 former Labour ministers their priorities for the next parliament

What’s the alternative? Gordon Brown’s manifesto pledge on the alternative vote has divided opinion among electoral reformers. Sunder Katwala and Willie Sullivan debate the campaign’s next move

Snakes and ladders Recent elections in Greece and Germany have seen the centre-left veering between triumph and disaster. Dimitris Tsarouhas and Emma Reynolds report


Nobile isolation Roger Liddle is moved by Shirley William’s human tale of a woman’s life in politics

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