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November 2010


Editorial Reviewing the situation Ed Miliband is off to a good start. But his policy review can’t delay all decisions

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

Missed opportunity The defence review was a rushed exercise in cost-cutting which diminished Britain’s standing in the world, says Jim Murphy

Freshers’ fair Conor Ryan cautions Labour to avoid the mistakes made by the Tories when they voted against tuition fees

What’s good enough for London More directly elected mayors could benefit both Labour and the cities they serve, writes Dermot Finch

Moving on The Movement for Change was just the start for Labour rediscovering community organising, says Stella Creasy

Big society to good society Labour should harness the power of moral pressure to tackle the problem of low pay, argues Richard Angell

The Progressive Alan Johnson’s gamble The spending review was Labour’s great opportunity. Was it allowed to slip away?

Progress News Simon Jeffrey reports on Progress at Labour party conference, our work on the doorstep and in CLPs

Tanked up Jessica Asato with the latest from the wonk world

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village


Faith-based economics Naked politics and a gamble on the private sector leading the recovery guided George Osborne’s spending review, writes Pat McFadden

Cover story Treacherous ground Beware the shifting sands of the centre ground. Leadership and capturing the mood of the nation are what really win elections, warns Peter Kellner

Going south Giles Radice and Patrick Diamond offer Labour’s new leadership team a road map for winning back southern England

Essay All’s fair As the coalition tries to usurp the idea of fairness, Tristram Hunt argues Labour must fight back by recognising its own future rests on a renewed idea of what is fair

Left behind Social democratic parties in Britain, the Netherlands and Sweden have all taken an electoral battering this year. Roger Liddle and Simon Latham ask whether social democracy has a future in Europe


How to be an adviser Blair McDougall takes a closer look at Jonathan Powell’s Machiavelli analogy

Labour’s future Ruth Smeeth reaches for the moderniser’s manifesto


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Adam Harrison

is a councillor in the London borough of Camden

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