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November 2011


Editorial Putting words into action Ed Miliband is right that Britain wants a more responsible capitalism – but public service reform must not be an afterthought

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Opinion The hospital is dead We must resist the drift to conservatism and support the case for radical changes in NHS hospitals, says Paul Corrigan

Opinion Keep it going New Labour’s ‘investment and reform’ were turning the tide on social mobility, writes Andrew Adonis

The Big Idea Time to care We can tackle the social care crisis by keeping carers in work and plugging the funding gap, argues Marc Woolfson

Opinion Socialising public services Concentrating on structural reform of our public services is a dangerous distraction, suggests Ben Lucas

Opinion Lords of the manor Cooperative housing is being held back by feudalist laws. Time to scrap them, says Huw Lewis

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The Progressive Falling prey Ed Miliband’s ‘producers and predators’ metaphor has been wilfully misinterpreted. But it must be shown to have real-world application

The Purple Book debate Should we leave the big state behind? Andrew Harrop and Philip Collins offer their take on Progress’ new book

Commentary Dare more democracy Our friends across the Channel have stolen a march on us, says Robert Philpot

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Tanked up Adam Harrison with the latest from wonk world

Dates for your diary Progress events around the country to debate The Purple Book


Cover story Can Ken win? London’s mayoral election next May should be Labour’s for the taking. So why is Ken Livingstone finding it such an uphill struggle, asks Dan Hodges

No stepping stone At a time of great difficulty for the city, London needs a mayor who wants to be mayor, writes David Lammy

The rise of ‘Boris Labour’ In each of the London mayoral elections, Ken Livingstone has outpolled Labour. Now the party is way ahead of its candidate in the capital, finds Peter Kellner

Testing times The path to victory in 2012 looks tough for the Democratic incumbent, but Barack Obama has won as the underdog before and could well do so again, writes Anthony Painter

End of the fiesta This month’s general election in Spain heralds another defeat for the left in Europe, reports Denis MacShane

Return of the technocrats Retreat into the comfort zone has been the stock centre-left response across Europe, but it could be technocratic leaders who forge a way forward, argues Olaf Cramme

Heads over hearts The French Socialists’ choice of the centrist François Hollande shows a new seriousness about winning next year’s presidential election, say Michael McTernan and Antoine Colombani

Southern insecurity New research on public opinion in the south of England finds pessimism about the future and about politics – but Labour not yet capitalising on it, suggest Patrick Diamond and Giles Radice


Tory Pride and Prejudice: The Conservative Party and Homosexual Law Reform Votes speak louder than words, believes Michael Cashman

The Unfinished Revolution: How New Labour Changed British Politics Forever Philip Gould’s book is complex, fascinating, and occasionally frustrating, says Deborah Mattinson

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