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November 2012


Editorial Real choices for Labour Progress launches a debate on the challenges the party faces

The Progressive Character, not class Recent calls for more ‘working-class MPs’ are age-old code for ‘more leftwing trade unionists in parliament’

Opinion Labour cannot be conservative Our politics makes for good government, writes David Miliband

Opinion Less professor, more president Despite the upsets, the Democrats may have done just enough to secure victory in the presidential race, writes Matthew Doyle

Letter from … Winning the ground game The Obama campaign is at once highly centralised and localised, reports Sarah Bickerstaffe

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Commentary Building ‘One Nation Labour’ Ed Miliband delivered a great speech. Now it is time to fill in the gaps

Opinion Gangs, guns and BMX bikes Gangs are a growing problem which  needs local action, says Zaffar Van Kalwala

Progress News Purple progress Adam Harrison assesses the impact of The Purple Book

Dates for your diary News on Progress’ latest series of events on The Purple  Papers: Real Change for Britain, Real Choices for Labour

Tanked up Adam Harrison with the latest from the wonk world


A class apart? New polling for Progress shows that working-class attitudes are not what some in the Labour party imagine them to be, writes Peter Kellner

A touch of class Britain may not have become a ‘classless society’ but most political parties have abandoned using broad social groups to develop campaign strategies, argues Hopi Sen

Winning the workers What should Labour’s vision for working-class voters be? Hazel Blears and Owen Jones enter into an exchange of views

Thatcher or Hague? Will Cameron’s ‘blue-collar modernisation’ see the success of Thatcher or the ignominy of Hague, asks Wes Streeting

Britain’s Ohio Labour must make sure its messages chime with voters like Harlow’s, argues Suzy Stride

Time to ditch the ‘c’ word? Confusing ‘working class’ with ‘trade unionist’ distracts us from the real ways we can attack class-based injustice, writes Kirsty McNeill

Working it out To save Labour’s link with the unions we need an honest  examination of the relationship, suggests Peter Watt

Strengthening democracy Can unions redress the fall in working-class  turnout, ask Rafael Gomez and Alex Bryson


George Osborne: The Austerity Chancellor Kitty Ussher takes more pleasure from the quality of the writing in Janan Ganesh’s biography than from its   subject | The End of Politics Tristram Hunt finds it refreshing to read a  politician thoroughly cast off careerist calculation


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