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November 2015


Editorial We need to talk about … losing Only a return to winning, with none of the shortcuts, will change Labour’s and the country’s trajectory

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

‘No one can sit on their laurels’ Sally Gimson meets new chair of Progress Alison McGovern

Commentary An economy of purpose and resilience Until we win the war of ideas, the policies will fail, argues Stephen Kinnock

Opinion The mask slips The right to strike must be defended, warns Ruth Smeeth

The Progressive Make Labour history A view from 2020 – how David Cameron and George Osborne systematically destroyed the Labour party

Letter from … Claudia Chwalisz on the Liberal party’s stunning Canadian general election victory


Compromising Corbyn The new leader may compromise on policy, but he will not do so on party reform, writes Conor Pope

Turnout tests Is the notion that boosted turnout will turn Labour’s fortunes around simply outlandish? Richard Angell examines its chances

Bedtime: Time to put the last Labour government to bed

Introduction Time to put the last Labour government to bed Bedtime it might be, but only so the Labour movement can awaken as a party of government again, writes Richard Angell

The mantle of credibility Trust in Labour on the economy was hard won, deserved, then needlessly

The bedrock of social justice Labour rejected the fatalistic assumption that public services could never really deliver higher standards or fairer access, reflects Jacqui Smith

The escape from poverty Labour made strong progress in the battle against poverty and unemployment, finds Anne Begg

Equality for all We must not forget the equalities legislation passed under the Labour government, writes Stephen Twigg

A more progressive world The new Labour government in 1997 was immediately internationalist in its approach, recalls Mike Gapes

Conclusion Principled and proud The last Labour government should be the inspiration to be in government again, not the inspiration for the next government, argues Richard Angell


Why the Tories Won: The Inside Story of the 2015 Election The secret of a successful general election campaign is not all that mysterious, writes Margaret McDonagh

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Adam Harrison

is a councillor in the London borough of Camden

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