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November 2017


Editorial Solutions not slogans Labour needs the right economic prject

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Opinion Equality begins at home We cannot let ourselves believe that our politics is immune from harassment and abuse, writes Megan Corton Scott

Opinion What can be done? Labour needs to take action make the party a safer space for women, believes Jess Asato

Opinion Cultivating the courage to listen A third party reporting system, plus support for victims of sexual harassment, is long overdue in Labour

Opinion Offering solutions June Sarpong calls on the UK to emulate the UN and introduce goals to promote diversity

The Progressive The wrong battles Progressive politics should be looking to the future, not trying to nationalise the private sector

Opinion Pseudo-politics US thinking on populism can teach us about how we tell true egalitarians from false friends and frauds, finds Adam Barnett

Letter from … Darren Hughes reports on Jacinda Ardern’s meteoric rise to lead New Zealand

Opinion A family affair James Graham’s Labour of Love showcases our party’s greatest asset – its people, writes Anna Turley

BrexitWatch Start-up new relations Britain should look to Macron, not Merkel for the entrepreneurial future Europe needs, argues Alex Mitchell

Commentary Nobody can stop Labour members deciding Brexit Skulduggery at conference won the battle but will not win the war, warn Alison McGovern and Heidi Alexander

Opinion Mass movement or personal fiefdom? Momentum leaders may be taking its supporters for granted, observes Richard Angell


Cover Story Success versus excess We need to talk about profit, believes Mary Wimbury

Too gig to fail? Being pro-innovation should not allow us to be indifferent to corporate excess, says Wes Streeting

Encourage risk-takers Steve Wardlaw explains how the private sector can deliver on Labour values with the support of a centre-left government

More detail, less rhetoric is needed on industrial policy Brexit or not, Britain is overdue a more Germanic economic model, believes Peter Kyle

No utopia Business realism must find new and resonant voice amid Brexit delusion, writes Jonathan Todd

Leading from opposition Labour will challenge the government at every turn and shape Brexit from the Commons chamber, Keir Starmer tells Progress

No-deal Brexit can be stopped There is no appetite in the country for no deal and there is no majority in parliament for no deal, argues Eloise Todd

Three deals Hardline Brexiteers risk no trade deal – a disaster for Britain, warns Roger Liddle


When They Go Low, We Go High Paul Richards believes Philip Collins’ new book will lead some speechwriters to elevate their language

The French Exception: Emmanuel Macron Adam Plowright paints a portrait of a man with astonishing self belief, finds Conor Pope

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Conor Pope

is deputy editor at Progress

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