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November/December 2003


Tanked up

Westminster watch

Ask the Minister


Face the future The future is already here – are we up for it, asks Patrick Diamond

Language barrier We’re not trusted because we’re not connecting, says John Denham

Foreign power Just who controls our foreign policy, wonders Ann Black

Setting the course Martin McIvor gives a bearing on Compass

Doorstep challenge Gavin Hayes on turning the voters out in 2004

Identity fraud Exactly what are ID cards for, asks David Winnock

Comment The big issue Fighting inequality animates Labour. It can unite the country

Progressive deficit

The fairest of them all Tony Blair puts his government to the fairness test

Overview Kitty Ussher shows the poor are getting richer – but so are the rich

Labour’s choice Labour can set aside its fear of the market or resign itself to making a marginal difference, says Polly Toynbee

Public services Shaun Woodward believes unreformed public services fail the poorest

Building assets Will Paxton calls for silver spoons all round

Early years Liz Kendall argues that the roots of inequality go back to the crib

Trade unions Free the trade unions to bring equality at work, says Keith Ewing

Consumerism Working people labour under impossible dreams, argues Neal Lawson

Equality matters Prominent campaigners draft Labour’s manifesto


Clarke’s marks Progress talks to Charles Clarke

The man who saved Labour Peter Mandelson salutes Neil Kinnock

Phantom menace Will Higham tries to wrestle with Lib Dem policies

Beware of the underdog Cardigans off! The Lib Dems fight dirty, says Tom Watson

Beating them on the ground Fresh from victory in Stockwell, Pete Bowyer reports


Peak Practice Suits you Albert Bore on Birmingham’s radical devolution

International Lessons in hope Israel’s Labor Party is renewing itself, writes Isaac Herzog

Reinventing activism New politics needs new, new Labour, says Hazel Blears

Inside the new activism Gideon Ben-Tovim and Bob Farrow report

Pilgrim Stop this feudal farce Pilgrim gets medieval on the monarchy

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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