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November/December 2004


On the radar Bunch of cowboys

Tanked up  Clause for thought

Westminster watch Thanks a lottery

Interview The choice is yours John Reid talks to Will Higham and Sam Hardy

Any questions Stephen Twigg


Our greatest challenge More than aid is needed to lift Africa out of poverty, argues Gordon Brown

Don’t Bragg about it Direct election remains the best option for House of Lords reform, argues Peter Facey

Ask the experts Engage the public in debates about science, say Anthony Vigor and Tom MacMillan

UN-decided Britain and Labour have a special role in rescuing the UN, argues Will Higham

Bank on it Government should take more credit for rebuilding our public services, says Ave Boothby

The shame game Turnout among young women is falling. Is it any wonder, asks Jennifer Gerber

Election preview

Swings and roundabouts The election could be much closer than we think, warns Roger Mortimore

Group therapy Beth Breeze believes we need to engage with our communities

Marred by the media Can the fourth estate get out the vote? Dennis Kavanagh doubts it

What’s the story? Tom Watson explains how the local press can help your campaign

Ground hog days Local campaigning is essential in the next election, argues Hazel Blears

It’s in the bag Barbara Keeley outlines ways to get out the postal vote

The American way David Tinline looks at the lessons to be learnt from the US election

Gauging Gloucester Gloucester is a microcosm of the country. Sam Hardy and Mark Day take its political temperature

Time for action Progress sneaks a peek at the Tory manifesto

Blue in the face Are the new Tory PPCs really a multicultural bunch? Matthew Burchell investigates

The future’s orange The Lib Dem manifesto, from the Orange Book brigade’s perspective

Ones to watch Who have the Lib Dems picked to fight the next election, asks Matthew Burchell


Pipe up for Harold On the fortieth anniversary of his first election victory, Robert Philpot reassesses Harold Wilson

A tale of two Howards He’s popular, successful and has the left on the run – that’s John, not Michael. Amanda Wolthuizen reports

Labour’s left whinge Paul Richards chides Labour’s moaning minies


Progress comment Big is best Labour needs another landslide

International Inside job Sam Hardy examines a US plan to put inmates to work

Pilgrim Burning passions Excommunicate leftwing commentator who’ve sold their souls to the right

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