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October 2007


ProgressOnline Extracts from our Progressive Internationalism month

Editorial Prison Brake Brown must put a stop to the economic and social waste of imprisonment

Beyond the headlines Voting intentions are more complicated than the positive polls for Labour suggest, finds Julia Clark

Below grade The Tories’ plans for schools are hardly original, argues Robert Hill

Confidence betrayed Reform of the Electoral Commission is needed to restore public trust in elections, says Michael Pinto-Duschinsky

A wasted vote Arguments for a referendum on the EU Reform Treaty lack merit, argues Hugo Brady

Howard’s end? Kevin Rudd, leader of Australia’s Labor party, may be on the path to unseat John Howard, suggests Matthew Carter


Westminster watch Tory stage fight Cameron has to win the battles he picks with traditionalists in his party if he’s to be truly modernising, says Ben Leapman

Tanked up Ed Thornton reports from wonk world

Progress diary Tom Brooks Pollock lines up Progress’ events for the Autumn


Interview Family affairs There’s nothing family friendly about David Cameron, Ed Balls tells Robert Philpot and Jessica Asato

Cover story Woo the workers Regaining the trust of staff is key to winning back confidence in Labour’s public services, says Ben Page

Green matters While not the most important issue among voters, the green agenda must be addressed by Labour, says Paul Flatters

Homes alone Housing is likely to continue to be a flashpoint for Labour’s traditional communities, argues Rushanara Ali

A crucial engagement Engagement with political Islam is not a question of if, but of how, argues Catherine Fieschi

Spin cycle Spin is as old as the hills in politics, but Labour must use collective responsibility to help keep the feral beasts at bay, suggests Rupa Huq

Beyond the bottom line? Stephen Alambritis and Polly Toynbee debate whether business should promote social justice


Accentuate the negative Robert Philpot investigates the relationship between emotions and politics

Co-operative agenda Lord Ted Graham looks back on Co-operative party history

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