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October 2009


Editorial Fleshing it out Labour has recovered its faith in public service reform but now needs to turn this into a programme for winning the next election

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

Home threat Tory housing policy threatens the security of millions of tenants, says John Healey.

Tory hammer falls Andy Slaughter reports on the damage inflicted on residents by the Tories in Hammersmith & Fulham

Minority report David Butler explains why a likely outcome of the next election remains a hung parliament

Poll position The Tories are doing better in marginal seats than the national polls suggest, warns Lewis Baston

Stewarding change The unions have yet to make a clear case on constitutional reform, says Dan Whittle

Think radical Labour must continue to push for reform of qualifications if it wants to increase opportunity for young people, argues Warwick Sharp

A true third way Substantially expanding co-ops would provide an alternative to both market structures and rationalisation, writes Malcolm Wicks


Tanked up What thinktanks are up to at conference this year

The Insider Another dispatch from the Westminster village


Cover story Labour’s lost voters A new poll reveals which voters have deserted Labour and how they’re not yet convinced by Cameron’s Conservatives. Peter Kellner reports

First insurgent To win back its voters, Labour needs open debate, strong ideas and maximum unity, Peter Mandelson tells Jessica Asato and Ed Thornton

Fighting fourth In fighting the Tories, Labour must be relentless in reminding the British people that it is the party of the many, not the few, says Stephen Twigg

Party reform With participation in political parties at an all-time low, five leading Labour activists tell us how the party must change to reconnect with the public

Filling the vacuum Voters are angry and alienated by politics, says James Purnell – radical changes are needed to revive democracy


Restoring faith Estelle Morris is not wholly convinced by Anthony Seldon’s new book on trust

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