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October 2013


Editorial Campaign for Labour party democracy Ed Miliband’s party reform proposals have to be fought for

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Opinion Independence for national insurance A standalone National Insurance Fund could transform the welfare debate, argues Graeme Cooke

Opinion The hard road Kezia Dugdale explains why Johann Lamont has not taken the safe option

Opinion Ownership matters We should keep East Coast public, says Sheila Gilmore

Opinion Changing for good Labour has nothing to lose but its bureaucracy, argues John Mann

Letter from … Australian Labor must look to the future, writes Richard Angell

The Progressive The Clause IV method Having opened the door to reform of the link, there is no going back

Opinion Notes on a crisis Parliament did not vote against military action in Syria, argues Ben Bradshaw

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

Tanked up Adam Harrison with the latest from the wonk world

Commentary One year on David Clark on taking ‘One Nation’ Labour to the next stage

Opinion Reported speech Kirsty McNeill identifies three things Ed Miliband’s conference speech must do

Opinion The cost of prison is too high It is time to make alternatives to prison a real choice for courts, says Charles Clarke


Cover story ‘Time to end stitch and fix’ Machine politics has had its day, Chuka Umunna tells Robert Philpot and Adam Harrison

Saving Labour Peter Mandelson recalls Neil Kinnock’s fight to rescue the Labour party following his election as party leader 30 years ago

Poll position The new territory of a fixed-term parliament means Labour should hold its nerve as 2015 draws near, writes Lewis Baston

Preparing for battle Pat McFadden presents his memo on the task facing Labour’s new general election coordinator

The strange survival of Liberal England Winning Liberal Democrat-held seats in 2015 will be no walk in the park for Labour, warns Stephen Bush

Bloodless revolution With Scotland’s vote on independence one year away, Blair McDougall finds the nationalist strategy stalled

Conference constants Matt Forde guides Labour party conference delegates through the sights they can expect to see in Brighton


The State We Need: Keys to the Renaissance of Britain Anthony Painter is unconvinced by Michael Meacher’s vision of the state

Blair, Labour and Palestine: Conflicting Views on Middle East Peace After 9/11 John Woodcock enjoys a book which sheds light on the identity-badge politics of the modern Labour party

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Ben Dilks

is commissioning editor at Policy Network

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