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October 2014


Editorial Convincing a sceptical nation Labour’s priority must be to avoid the fate of François Hollande

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Opinion The new ‘gender gap’ Older women remain more sceptical of Labour than younger ones. Liz Kendall urges the party to respond

Opinion A bedrock of equality Universal childcare should be Labour’s ultimate goal, argues Lucy Rigby

Nice to feel wanted English marginals need the same attention that has been lavished on Scotland, says Richard Angell

Opinion Pride in Labour Stephen Twigg on how the miners’ strike sowed the seeds of equality legislation

Opinion Our problem too Nigel Farage is not just a problem for the Tories, says Michael Payne

Letter from … Gérard Grunberg reports on the travails of the French Socialist party

The Progressive Target practice Labour has a list of 106 seats it plans to take next May. It urgently needs to revise it

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

Tanked up Adam Harrison with the latest from the wonk world
Dates for your diary News of a new series of ‘In conversation’ events with leading members of the shadow cabinet

Commentary Confronting evil It is not a case of whether but when we intervene, argues John Woodcock

FordeThought Having a balls of a time Matt Forde on how to avoid getting shut out of the conference secure zone

Interview Finding one’s voice Jermain Jackman talks to Richard Angell and Ben Dilks about politics and pop


Interview ‘The pre-1997 buzz is back’ One way or another a historical truism will be broken next May, Tristram Hunt tells Robert Philpot and Adam Harrison

Aspiration nation After the Scottish referendum, Labour must now set out its vision for England, writes Jamie Reed

Taxing questions Peter Kellner presents polling for Progress on the politics of tax and spending

Cover story After the fall Twenty-five years after the Berlin wall came down, James Bloodworth on why New Labour was the natural next chapter for the left

Brave new world New times demand Labour turns away from the social democratic settlement of the postwar world, says Anthony Painter

No sacred cows Labour revisionism takes on both leftwing orthodoxy and the destructive potential of capitalism, writes Gregg McClymont

Conference calls The leader’s speech is Ed Miliband’s last chance to win the mantle of prime minister-in-waiting, writes Philip Collins

Launch party The pre-election conference season can herald victory or spell defeat for political parties. Paul Richards examines the lessons of history


The Establishment Owen Jones’ attempt to pin the blame for Britain’s problems solely on the right fails to impress Stephen Bush

Prison Diaries Denis MacShane may be one of the few people for whom prison worked, says Francesca Cooney

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Adam Harrison

is a councillor in the London borough of Camden

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