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October 2016


Editorial ‘Clause One socialists’ will win the day This is our party and we are going nowhere

Opinion Open to the world Liverpool shows why Labour in power matters, argues Alison McGovern

Opinion No Regrexit Public opinion has not shifted back to ‘Remain’, reports Deborah Mattinson

Opinion Grammar mistakes Patrick Diamond lists five reasons grammar schools are a terrible idea

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Opinion Selfless and devoted Labour party staff have no right of reply, says Ayesha Hazarika

Letter from … The message from Montreal is: recovery is going to take leadership and honesty, finds Matthew Laza

Interview ‘I could see a threat coming’ Johanna Baxter recalls Labour’s post-2010 organisational missteps

Interview ‘Politics is sometimes a long game’ Labour is healthier when it is a broad church, says Ellie Reeves

Opinion – The curse of alcoholism We need more help for alcoholics – and their children, argues Liam Byrne

Opinion Fightback? Trade union and Labour party politics are ever more intertwined, writes David Coats

The Progressive The cult paradox Many intelligent, idealistic and self-sacrificing people belong to political cults

Commentary No compromise with reality? No one has levelled with the public about what drives migration to this country, says Richard Angell


Cover story Worth saving One day, parliamentary democrats will win the battle for Labour, writes Jamie Reed

Interview More in common In conversation: Liz Kendall and Lisa Nandy sit down to reflect on their own political traditions within Labour, and where the party heads next

Interview ‘We have a moral responsibility to help’ Standing aloof is not an option in today’s world, Hilary Benn tells Richard Angell and Adam Harrison

Enough crocodile tears It is time to enact Section One of the Equality Act, writes Harriet Harman

‘Harriet is absolutely right’ Calum Sherwood and Bex Bailey look to a world in which Labour in government and ‘Section One’ are a reality

Class action We need to think differently about the class divisions in today’s society, says Kitty Ussher

A warning from history The ‘paranoid style’ finds expression on both right and left of politics, writes Robert Philpot


Called to Account: How Corporate Bad Behaviour and Government Waste Combine to Cost Us Millions Niamh Ní Mhaoileoin finds a non-expert outsider who never wavered on tax law reform

Zac Versus Sadiq: The Fight to Become London Mayor Dave Hill’s new book reminds Karen Buck that there have already been tough times aplenty, and they can be overcome

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Adam Harrison

is a councillor in the London borough of Camden

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