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October 2017


Editorial Avoid a sectarian slugfest Labour conference could be about policy, not procedure

Opinion Too limited, too slow Social mobility matters more than ever before, argues Alan Milburn

Insider Taking back control Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Opinion No going back Tori Rigby want to keep Young Labour modern and forward-looking not full of conflict and turmoil

The debate The McDonnell amendment Should Labour MPs retain a significant role in the nomination of future Labour leaders? Tom Miller and Darren Williams disagree

Opinion Westminster’s inconvenient truth Britain has lost its place as a world leader on climate change, believes Melanie Smallman

Opinion Talk of crisis Not even the most senior family court judge in the country can get patients a mental health bed, reports Luciana Berger

Opinion No parity Joanne Harding believes the government’s empty words on mental health resources are being exposed

Opinion Not powerless Lyn Brown says the Tories must take concrete steps to reverse the rising spate of acid attacks

Opinion Disgruntled Labour Loyal party supporters in small towns grow tired with Labour and the inadequacies of its post-Brexit position, says Nic Dakin

Brexit Watch Hopes in ruins Priti Patel’s cynical campaign might have changed the Brexit result but its promise cannot be forgotten, urges Amina Lone

Letter from … Fiona Twycross reports on Norway, and another European election where the centre-left has thrown away an opportunity to take power

The Progressive Corbyn’s cronies Now they have power for themselves the Bennite left have junked the ‘new politics’ they promised and indulge patronage like never before

Opinion Breaking through the bagel belt In seats where Jewish communities could have made a difference, Labour was held back, finds Ella Rose

Commentary Healing the divides Labour’s next big social democratic project must be to unite our fractured nation, write Stephen Kinnock and Joe Jervis

Opinion Down, not out Moderates and moderniser will not be pushed around by Labour’s new establishment, says Richard Angell


Progress essay A radical new state Anthony Painter on the next big progressive project

No nostalgia The Co-operative party’s centenary is an opportunity to express a mutual alternative to Britain’s perennial work and social care problems, writes Claire McCarthy

Interview ‘Reminding people that we’re not in government’ Andrew Gwynne takes Richard Angell and Conor Pope behind the scenes of the surprise election

A new European party will fail The creation of a new centre party is no alternative to Labour winning back the centre-ground, says Caroline Flint

Strong, united and progressive A united Labour party, working with other willing MPs, is the only feasible option for stopping a hard Brexit, argues Mary Creagh

Stop apologising Scottish Labour stopped the unthinkable austerity and calamity of leaving the union. The new leader must remember how, and why, to win again in Scotland, argues Blair McDougall

No complacency Support for Scottish independence may be on the way, but that can be no excuse to rest on our laurels, argues Pamela Nash


What happened While the book is clearly therapeutic for its author, Hillary Clinton’s account of the 2016 US election is far from an attempt to pass on blame, argues Matthew Doyle

Things Can Only Get Worse? 19 Masochistic Years In The Life Of A Labour Supporter Sophie Francis‑Cansfield finds the conclusion of John O’Farrell’s sequel a welcome relief

Brexit and British Politics Geoffrey Evans and Anand Menon’s authoritative text digs into the rebalancing of political values that lay behind the referendum, writes Rosie Corrigan

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