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October/November 2002


Comment Set us free It is time Labour shifted the centre ground of British politics to a more liberal social agenda

Inside Parliament The bill, please With the Queen’s Speech next month, we asked seven Labour MPs what one law they would like passed next session

Westminster watch Making your mind up Will Britain scrap the pound? Will the Tories scrap the BBC? Ben Leapman launches our new column


A radical prescription We need to shift the debate on inequality, says Douglas Alexander

Stone throwers Judge the public, not private, morality of politicians, argues John Hayes

Founding principle Margaret Mythen puts the case for foundation hospitals

Just fairness Why should Labour get ‘special treatment’ when union members don’t, asks John Edmonds

We’re getting better Adrian Askew answers Peter Mandelson’s call for unions to change


Firm foundations Labour must set the home affairs agenda for progressive politics to flourish, says David Blunkett

Liberty the left forgot Neal Lawson argues that the left needs to rediscover the value of liberty

Home truths Is David Blunkett pursuing a liberal agenda, asks Johann Hari

Get real It’s time to talk about the civil liberties of the victims of crimes, says Sion Simon

Snooper troopers Britain needs a privacy act, believes John Wadham

Full disclosure Why is the government trying to withhold information, wonders Maurice Frankel

No more porridge We need to think about alternatives to prison, says Alf Dubs

Show the way out Mentor schemes can help young offenders stay out of trouble, suggest Matt Ball

Together and equal Waheed Alli argues for legislation to make equality a reality

Bills and pills Bridget Prentice on why she changed her mind about drugs policy


Must we act? Defence secretary Geoff Hoon tells Progress why we must act against Saddam Hussein

Silence of the damned Tory modernisers have failed to come up with new policies, argues Patrick Loughran

Let’s Gore round again Gordon Corera examines the Democrats who might run against George W Bush in 2004

Two cheers for social democracy What lessons should the centre-left learn from this year’s elections in Europe, ask Frederic Michel and Matt Browne

Inside Labour How to make a difference Tracey Paul explains how we can recruit – and retain – our members

Progressive centre-ground Labour politics does not come for free.

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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