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September 2007


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Editorial Advantage Labour? A good start but we must guard against complacency

Ghetto mentality The extremist ideology driving Islamic terrorism needs to be tackled head on, argues Shiv Malik

Deregulatory creep John Redwood’s report on economic competitiveness misdiagnoses the problem and offers a damaging prescription, says David Coats

Wedded to the past Tory proposals to reward marriage ignore the evidence that there are no more effective ways to tackle poverty, says Kate Bell

There’s no business Labour party conference is the Oscars for ugly people, writes Ellie Levenson

Silent treatment The left must not stand by in silence while the people of Zimbabwe suffer, says Kathryn Llewellyn


Westminster watch Royal swansong The Queen’s ownership of swans is under threat from constitutional reform proposals, says Ben Leapman

Tanked up Face off Ed Thornton reports from wonk world


Cover story Premier days Gordon Brown talks to Robert Philpot about his first few months as prime minister and his ambitions for government

Bouncing back Brown’s challenge will be to maintain support in the polls once the ‘bounce’ wears off, says Julia Clark

Tangled up in blue Cameron’s poor judgment and lack of strength of character can be blamed for current Tory woes, suggests Andy Burnham

Sides of the same coin Reassuring the liberal chatterati must not be at the expense of our most disadvantaged comjmunities, cautions David Blunkett

Inside out The Labour party risks becoming increasingly irrelevant unless it widens its membership appeal, says Jessica Studdert

Foreign breaks Gordon Brown’s foreign policy must break from the past to restore Britain’s global influence, argues David Mepham


Nation ascendant Tristram Hunt finds Brian Brivati’s positive take on the Blair years a useful corrective to the bookshelves of critical accounts

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