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September 2008


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Editorial Mid-term blues There’s a strong case to be made against David Cameron. Labour just has to make it

Reality check The Glasgow East defeat was the fault of a complacent Scottish Labour party, not the campaign, says Ross Martin

Counting the cost Patrick Nash argues the government must pay attention to workplace health

Orange alert Labour and the Lib Dems may find it easier to work together under Nick Clegg’s leadership, says Alasdair Murray

Suburban blues Gareth Thomas on why Labour must win back the suburbs to win back London


Fighting talk Housing minister Caroline Flint tells Jessica Asato and Ed Thornton why Labour still has everything to play for


Cover story Survival instinct If Labour wants to avoid defeat at the next election, it should examine the lessons of John Major’s government, says Denis MacShane

Broken record How should Labour respond to David Cameron’s language around society, asks David Lammy

Blueprint for power? What are the Tories proposing for Britain’s public services? David Furness on why the Tories are the BMA’s new best friend. Philip Collins on the broken society Cameron can’t fix. Robert Hill on why Michael Gove’s plans will shackle the teachers not free them

Foreign affairs After Bush, mustn’t anything be better? Ken Gude delves beneath the worldviews of Barack Obama and John McCain


Information age James Crabtree reviews Nudge, the new book the Tories are all talking about

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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