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September 2009


Editorial Public access Primaries will help restore the electorate’s faith in politics – and the Labour party

Inbox What’s being said on the Progress website

Referendum time Mary Southcott says it’s time to put Labour’s electoral reform promises to the voters

Connecting people Labour has an exciting opportunity to link community activists with the forces of political change, says Liam Byrne

Harriet’s call Indra Adnan defends the deputy leader’s controversial comments on gender

Facts first Will Straw reports on a new political website putting evidence and fact above opinion and gossip

No exit Now is not the time to give up on Labour, but to have an open and honest debate about the party’s future, says Alex Smith

Citizen control Community organizing puts power in the hands of ordinary citizens – and brings results, argues Austen Ivereigh


Tanked up The latest from planet wonk

Progress news The Progress fringe at Labour party conference 2009

The Insider Another dispatch from the Westminster village


Cover Opening up shop Breaking the social mobility deadlock requires targeted action to open up the progressions and unleash aspiration, says Alan Milburn

Firebrand Frank Labour’s most vocal backbencher speaks the unthinkable to Jessica Asato and Mark Day

Think equality Six thinktankers outline their one idea Labour could pursue to achieve greater equality before the next election

A healthy divide? Political debate about health can no longer be framed in terms of Labour investment and Tory cuts. Neil Churchill charts the new dividing lines


Socialist shopping spree David Aaronovitch is unconvinced by Neal Lawson’s critique of consumerism

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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