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September 2015


Editorial Don’t get angry, get even ‘A fresh start’ is what the Labour party needs

Opinion Five giant causes Liz Kendall’s ‘causes’ should be to the next Labour government, what Beveridge’s were to Attlee’s, argues Gloria De Piero

Hardie’s inheritor Renie Anjeh believes Liz Kendall offers the New and blue that Labour needs

The Listicle
One step forward, two steps back Five things you need to know about the 2015 election – and five about 2020, by Siobhain McDonagh

Opinion Lonely leaders Olly Parker on why the Labour party needs outriders

Organised and relevant Transforming trade unionism in the modern world is John Park’s task

Letter from … Joseph Muscat shares how his party gave up 25 years of uninterrupted opposition and won again in Malta

The Debate Time for a third runway? Should Heathrow press ahead with a new runway? Paul Nowak and Ruth Cadbury go head to head

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

The Progressive Could Labour have stopped Thatcher? Labour must not leave the field to the Tories as it did in the 1980s

Opinion Cult logic We are the true guardians of the spirit of 1945, argues John Woodcock

Commentary Another shot of southern discomfort Labour’s horror-show relationship with the south continues, finds Lewis Baston

Tanked up Adam Harrison with the latest from the wonk world

Date for your diary Join Tristram Hunt and the rest of the speakers at Progress West Midlands conference on 5 September 2015


Cover story ‘I will give my life to this party’ ‘Mine is the real anti-austerity politics, because it will help Labour win and stop the vile things the Tories are doing’, Liz Kendall tells Richard Angell and Adam Harrison

Deputy leadership interviews

‘We need a candidate who’s not from a safe seat’ The success of ‘Fortress Exeter’ should show the way for Labour, says Ben Bradshaw

‘Don’t mourn, organise’ Labour has to start with the fundamental question of purpose, argues Stella Creasy

‘I’m not going to take any lectures’ This lioness will go out hunting for Labour’s next victory, says Caroline Flint

Forward, not sideways ‘Fingers crossed’ is no strategy. Labour needs the chutzpah to occupy the centre-ground, writes Anthony Painter

A generation out of power? Melanie Ward and Jamie Glackin present their memo to the next Scottish Labour leadership team

Always underestimated David Cameron may yet lead the Conservatives into the next general election, argues Jonathan Todd



Following Farage: On the Trail of the People’s Army Owen Bennett’s self-aware writing style and the situations he finds himself in for the sake of a good headline had Samantha Jury-Dada chuckling throughout this new book

A Very Private Celebrity: The Nine Lives of John Freeman Greg Rosen finds Hugh Purcell in search of an ordinary man with an extraordinary set of careers

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Adam Harrison

is a councillor in the London borough of Camden

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