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September 2016


Editorial Heart-breaking times The Corbyn project has failed on its own terms

Chaos under Corbyn Richard Angell chronicles a year in decline under hard‑left control

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village

Opinion Credibility threshold Conference should reject the ‘McDonnell amendment’, argues Caroline Flint

Opinion Asset-stripping Labour Momentum is a party waiting to leave a party, writes Richard Angell

Letter from … Lia Quartapelle reports from Rome on Italy’s own big referendum

The Progressive Refine your craft The public don’t hate ‘professional politicians’ – they hate bad professional politicians

The debate Back to college Should Labour return to using the three-part electoral college system in its leadership elections? Anna Turley and Jonathan Reynolds share their thoughts

Opinion Watch out We must hold the Tory ‘Leavers’ to account for their promises, says Chuka Umunna

Commentary The art of opposition There are ways to oppose Theresa May. Jacqui Smith spells them out


Cover story After Farage Both a Ukip collapse or revival could spell danger for Labour, writes Matthew Goodwin, as the populist party enters the post-Farage era

Earn it or lose it Taking the support of working-class northerners for granted is no longer an option for Labour, if it ever was, warns Jim McMahon

Walking target Violence against political women is on the rise and risks alienating women from public life, argues Jess Phillips

E-misogyny Internet haters want to silence women in public life, writes Claire Reynolds

Interview ‘It’s moved from comedy to tragedy’ Labour still has a long road to walk on women’s equality, Ayesha Hazarika tells Richard Angell

Crisis over? What is going on inside the Conservative party? Richard Hayton identifies the fissures that are emerging


The Alternative: Towards a New Progressive Politics Patrick Diamond and Maya Goodfellow each enjoy a new collection of essays from across the left – but questions around economic competence and the meaning of ‘progressive’ remain

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Adam Harrison

is a councillor in the London borough of Camden

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