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September 2017


Editorial Corbyn’s choice The UK staying in the single market is in the gift of the Labour leader and his ‘new politics’

The Insider Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village


TUC Congress 2017 special

Lift the cap One per cent pay restraint is harming nurses, their families and the whole NHS, write Anna Lynch and Danielle Tiplady

Is there a bright union future? The Taylor review is a start but not the blueprint many had hoped for, argues Sue Ferns

Adapt to survive John Hannett believes trade union decline is not inevitable


Letter from … SPD candidate Martin Schulz made two disastrous errors when launching his candidacy, finds Simon Vaut

The Progressive A Bennite Brexit The ‘Lexit’ campaign might have come to nothing but Corbyn and McDonnell believe leaving the EU could precipitate a socialist government

The debate Manifesto matters Was Labour’s 2017 manifesto really the progressive platform the left has been waiting for? Matt Zarb-Cousin and Adrian McMenamin disagree

Opinion Anger issues Emma Bean finds women in politics and the public eye are facing intolerable abuse

Opinion Overdue Without cues, without exposure, the questions about the women who changed Britain never get asked, writes Jess Phillips

Commentary Brighton bound Will Momentum break Labour’s unity with hostile rule changes at party conference, asks Luke Akehurst

Opinion Make conference mean something Michael Cashman and Gloria De Piero argue Labour conference should be for all our members – and show the public we are in touch with their concerns


Cover story In Corbyn’s gift If Jeremy Corbyn gives Labour MPs the room to act it could mean staying in the single market without losing the ‘left behind’ voters to Labour’s cause, believes Hilary Armstrong

Labour’s waiting game Could the cautious Brexit approach come back to harm Jeremy Corbyn, asks Mark Stuart

No free for all You can provide controls on immigration while upholding free movement of labour, finds Catherine Barnard

Morals, not money Britain’s membership of the single market and customs union is not about economics but implementing Labour values, argue Rupa Huq and Roger Liddle

Interview ‘Where the majority of politics happens’ James Graham tells Richard Angell and Conor Pope why his new play Labour of Love is set in a ‘grotty’ constituency Labour party office

Promises matter Britain requires a new answer to our social mobility crisis and to renew its covenant with young people, writes Seema Malhotra


British Foreign Policy After Brexit Adam Harrison argues that while there are needles in David Owen and David Ludlow’s haystack, they are hard to find

Margaret Thatcher: The Honorary Jew Why it took non-Jewish Labour activist – Robert Philpot – to understand the former prime minister’s relationship with British Jewry is of interest to Jeremy Newmark

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