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September/October 2001


Comment Valuable Union Having helped make Labour’s first term a success, the unions deserve to have their voices heard

Interview Estelle Morris Education Secretary Estelle Morris MP talks to Progress about Labour’s first term record and the government’s future plans for English schools

Inside Labour

Renewal and reconnection Writing exclusively for Progress, Labour’s new General Secretary, David Triesman, sketches the road ahead for the party

Making the policy process work With the first cycle of Partnership in Power completed, leading figures in the National Policy Forum – Robin Cook MP, Ian McCartney MP and Hazel Blears MP – offer their views on where party policy making goes next

The questions you get asked Labour Party Chairman Charles Clarke MP answers your questions

IDS: Manoeuvring to the right? Jackie Ashley profiles the new Tory leader, while we detail Iain Duncan Smith’s rightwing record

Making equality a reality The latest Progress focus group examines Labour’s attitudes to women candidates and its appeal to female voters


A radical way for Wales Rhodri Morgan AM describes Labour’s post-devolution record in Wales

Returning power to town halls Nick Raynsford MP on Labour’s agenda for local government

Freedom from poverty Debt relief heads Labour’s international development plans, argues Hilary Benn MP

Salvaging the Kyoto Treaty Margaret Beckett MP describes the government’s role in saving the Kyoto Protocol

Rehabilitation, not retribution Labour is improving conditions for prisoners and young offenders, says Beverley Hughes MP

Access all areas Maria Eagle MP outlines how Labour has begun to deliver for people with disabilities

Policy forum

Our summer of discontent Phil Woolas MP and Shahid Malik respond to the summer’s race riots

The wrong answer The government’s plans threaten a Railtrack in our schools and hospitals, says Mick Rix

All politics is local Labour still needs to loosen the reins on local government, argues Sir Jeremy Beecham

Learning lessons Could London’s new government offer clues about how to improve public services, asks John Biggs

Fair votes, better councils It’s time to introduce PR for local government, says Dave Sullivan

Bridging the gap After Scottish and Welsh devolution, England should have its turn, says Peter Mandelson MP

Giving cities a voice Directly elected mayors could transform our cities, believe John Williams and Anna Randle

Renewing our green agenda Labour must look to renewable energy to cut greenhouse gases, argues Gareth Thomas MP

Environmental work must go on Tony Blair needs to keep his pledge to put the environment at the ‘core’ of British politics, argues Stephen Hale

Taking liberties Labour’s commitment to civil liberties is looking frayed, suggests Baroness Kennedy

If I were…Women’s Minister Mary Ann Stephenson sets out her programme as Women’s Minister in the latest in our regular series

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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