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September/October 2003



Tanked up All change

Peak Practice One for all

Westminster watch Election fever

Ask the Minister Progress talks to Europe minister Denis MacShane


The revision thing The government represents enduring values, says John Reid

Vicious circle Good democracy needs trust, argues Peter Bradley

Mistake on identity Mark Littlewood isn’t convinced by ID cards

Taking liberties Labour must guard civil rights, argues Stephen Beer

London calling The GLA must do more, says Seema Malhotra

Super services Could local stores provide public services? Parmjit Dhanda thinks so

Grass routes Martin Linton visits a policy forum

A real release Dari Taylor looks at a new way to beat drugs in prison




Thinking ahead Peter Hain offers a third term vision

Way ahead Philippe Legrain, Peter Mandelson, Barbara Roche, Dan Corry and Douglas Alexander on closing the progressive deficit

Young at heart We must focus on children, says David Lammy

Politics of choice Neal Lawson calls for Labour to lead democratic renewal

Silent majority Greg Cooke finds out what we can learn from the Tories’ 1987 victory


Privatisers on parade Today’s Tories are more extreme than Thatcher, warns Theo Bertram

Our man in Israel Johann Hari supports Tony Blair’s strong influence in the Middle East


International Howard’s way Howard Dean’s message sounds a bit tired to Robert Philpot

Inside Labour Minority report Shahid Malik examines ways to improve minority representation

Still time for change Scotland needs positive action says Anwari Din

Pilgrim Crisis? What crisis? Media hysteria will not bring down a successful government

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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