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Winter 2000/01


Comment Safety first can only fail Progress considers the lessons Labour must learn from the US election

Party conference Reporting back from Progress events at Labour Party Conference in Brighton

Interview Tony Robinson Tony Robinson talks about why he decided to run for the NEC – and what he wants to do now he’s got there

Cover features

Learning the lessons At the start of a special section on last month’s US Presidential election, Robert Philpot examines why Al Gore failed to take advantage of the golden legacy Bill Clinton bequeathed him

Discarding a winning hand A closer fidelity to New Democrat principles would have served Al Gore well, argue Jenny Bates and Steven Nider

Beneath the divide The election revealed a majority for progressive reform, believes Robert Borosage

Forces of conservatism William Hague may be planning to imitate George Bush. But can he pull it off, asks Shaun Woodward MP

Claiming credit Al Gore failed to claim the credit for the Democrats’ economic success, believes Patricia Hewitt MP

Election countdown

Interview Margaret McDonagh Labour’s General Secretary discusses the preparations for the General Election and the current state of the party

Winning for a purpose Labour’s generals need to avoid fighting past battles in the upcoming election campaign, says Neal Lawson

Tomorrow’s leaders Ellie Jupp urges Labour to remember the vital contribution young people made to the party’s success in 1997

Disbelieving the Tories Chris Leslie MP is unimpressed by the Tories’ latest ‘pre-manifesto’ document

Party in power

Redistributing to the poorest The Pre-Budget Report put the party’s principles into practice. Hannah Pawlby reports

Tales of the city Trevor Phillips reports on the first few weeks of the Greater London Authority

The questions you get asked The Prime Minister answers your questions

Renewing neighbourhoods Hilary Armstrong MP lays out the Government’s plans to turn around deprived neighbourhoods

A better start Tackling poverty requires long-term solutions. Sure Start is one of them, says Yvette Cooper MP

Equal chances Young people in and leaving care deserve the same chances as other children, argues John Hutton MP

End of term report Progress goes on the frontline with Britain’s public sector workers and asks teachers to assess the Government’s performance to date

Second term

Pledge card progress Progress’ guide to the current status of Labour’s 1997 early pledges

Principle over prejudice Bill Morris urges the Government not to follow the Daily Mail in the debate about immigration and asylum

It’s the environment… David Chaytor MP urges the Government to be more radical in its second term environmental

Waging war on poverty Labour is committed to eradicating child poverty in a generation. Chris Pond MP suggests what it must do to achieve this goal

Progress Focus Group Progress discusses second term education policy with Labour Party members in Darlington

Progress Policy Forum All you need to hold a policy form. Progress asks the questions you need to address in the debate about constitutional reform

Co-operation and change The Co-operative movement needs to change, believes Alan Donnelly

Closing the gender gap Labour must do more to appeal to women if it is to win their votes and stay true to its values, suggests Harriet Harman MP

Delivering equality Labour has pushed for gay equality in its first term. But it needs to do more in its second, suggests Gavin Hayes

If I were… Prisons Minister Frances Crook sets out her programme as Labour’s second term Prison Minister

International After the honeymoon Labour and the SPD have both faced challenges this year. Michael Roth MdB describes what they should learn from them

History Sustaining radicalism Can Tony Blair succeed where Clement Attlee failed and win a full second term for Labour, asks Stuart Thomson

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Richard Angell

is director of Progress

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