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Progress In for Europe special

Ahead of the referendum, Progress launches our Progress In for Europe special pullout from the February 2016 edition of Progress magazine

A message from Alan Johnson Progressives must join the fight to keep Britain in Europe, writes the chair of Labour In for Britain

How (not) to talk about Europe Sunder Katwala considers the role Labour can play in the referendum

Why Labour is ‘In’ Glenis Willmott presents the Labour case for staying in the European Union

Europe for the doorstep Kevin Peel presents his tips for campaigning in the European referendum

It is time to get serious about the fight to keep Britain in Europe. Thanks for Community for partnering with Progress in this important project.


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Alan Johnson MP

is a former home secretary

Sunder Katwala

Glenis Willmott MEP

is Labour's leader in the European parliament 

Kevin Peel

is a Labour and Co-operative councillor on Manchester city council and represents the north west on the EU committee of the regions. He tweets @kevpeel

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