106 target seats

Must Labour lose?

David Lipsey  |  20 January 2016

Labour’s electoral demise has been long predicted. ‘If necessary changes are not made, the Labour vote will probably decline … by about two per cent at each successive general election’ wrote Tony Crosland in 1960. In the same year, two leading academics, Richard Rose and Mark Abrams, published the much discussed book: ‘Must Labour lose?’ Within …

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Political Barbie

Olivia Bailey  |  29 July 2015

On the surface, we have made huge strides for women’s equality in the party. Women made up over half our candidates in target seats at the election this year, and make up two of the four candidates for leader. Every single candidate for leader or deputy has signed the Labour Women’s Network #leadforwomen pledge, which …

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Fight or flight

Lewis Baston  |  27 November 2014

Which seats are first-time coalition MPs vacating? Lewis Baston runs through the targets on Operation Flight’s hitlist North Warwickshire (west Midlands): Mike O’Brien The Conservative majority in the semi-rural constituency of North Warwickshire stands at a slender 54 votes. Explorer and former army officer Dan Byles is standing down after only one term in parliament …

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The faces of our 2015 majority

Jacqui Smith  |  7 April 2014

Today I want to pay tribute to the work and sacrifice of our prospective parliamentary candidates and to consider their pivotal role in achieving a Labour majority. There have been some great selections over the weekend and in recent weeks and those very able candidates have got a lot of work ahead in the coming …

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Prioritising the 106

Bex Bailey  |  24 January 2014

We don’t have abundant resources. We don’t share the Tories’ ability to inject millions into target seats. We don’t have long left before the general election. What we do have is a team of some of the most dedicated activists – people who are willing to commit significant amounts of their time to talking to …

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