Agenda 2030

Be bold on airport expansion

Gavin Hayes  |  19 November 2014

There is an industry that contributes £50bn to national GDP. In total, the sector supports 921,000 British jobs. A decision to invest in its infrastructure could deliver between £127bn and £211bn in economic benefits by 2050. However, such a decision has been pushed back, played around with and prevaricated over for more than 50 years. If …

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Why Labour needs a 2030 vision

Chuka Umunna MP  |  5 June 2014

To win in 2015, we have to widen our horizons —Imagine if politics worked on the same investment horizons as successful businesses. Progress members would be thanking Michael Foot for Labour’s 1997 landslide. Tony Blair’s pledge card in 1997 would be held responsible for defeat in 2010. And the platform of Prime Minister Miliband would …

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