Alison Garnham

We can do so much better on child poverty

Alison Garnham  |  25 June 2015

‘A strong society means moving forward together, no one left behind, fighting relative poverty a central policy goal.’ Well, Child Poverty Action Group would say that, wouldn’t they? In fact, these are the words of David Cameron, less than a decade ago, a day on which he also proclaimed: ‘I want this message to go …

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How do we get Britain back to work?

James Gill  |  17 May 2013

The Progress business breakout session, entitled Osborne’s Not Working: How do we get Britain back to work?, was an example of real progress and commitment that Labour has to becoming the natural party of business. Chaired by Seema Malhotra, the chair of the Labour backbench committee on business, and a panel featuring our shadow business …

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