Co-invest in people’s futures

Julia Unwin  |  11 April 2016

Tackling the causes of poverty can help to address asset inequality Asset inequality accretes over time: a family’s ability to invest in education and skills, housing, and new enterprises is largely linked to their income from prior earnings or inheritances. The issue is made worse in the United Kingdom through a dysfunctional housing market, where volatility has led to …

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Equality in ownership

Nick Pearce  |  11 April 2016

Housebuilding and taxes must come centre-stage The argument for widely spread asset-ownership is a politically ecumenical one. On the left, a radical tradition of supporting equality in property ownership can be traced back to Tom Paine, via a host of thinkers such as the economist James Meade, the Labour revisionist Douglas Jay, and pre-war social liberals like Leonard …

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Asset to society

Kitty Ussher  |  17 March 2015

What the ONS tells us about assets The distribution of income is, and always has been, an important indicator of fairness. But it is only part of a larger and more relevant story around personal assets. Someone who lives in the home they own, expecting a reasonable inheritance and with money in a personal pension, …

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Share the wealth

Adam Harrison  |  15 February 2015

It’s time to talk assets Labour suffers, and, more importantly, the public suffer, when its welfare policy in power lacks clear defining strategic goals. For the Labour party these should normally be: to narrow inequality, to eliminate poverty, and to provide both a safety net and a springboard. Indeed, these are the goals that should …

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London’s squeezed middle: What can be done to help the capital’s modest earners?

Claire Kober  |  5 November 2014

London is a fantastic world class city and we have some of the best schools, education facilities, jobs and opportunities. Our communities are diverse and largely cohesive and the cultural experiences people can enjoy as part of living in the capital are limitless. It is because of this, people are prepared to compromise in order …

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Build, baby, build

Mark Rusling  |  16 July 2014

Sarah Palin is not my usual source of inspiration for political slogans, but ‘drill, baby, drill’ was pretty catchy. We should adopt our own – build, baby, build. In elections, housing is often the dog that does not bark, despite being one of those issues that affects everyone – buyers and sellers, owners and renters, …

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It’s the assets, stupid

Kitty Ussher  |  9 April 2014

How Labour should respond to the budget’s pensions shake-up Labour and the Tories share a perverse incentive to talk down the economy just at the time that economic growth begins to soar. George Osborne and David Cameron, acutely aware that their strongest trait in the eyes of the public is the ability to take tough, …

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