autumn statement

Budget 2017: 20 Tory failures

Alison McGovern MP  |  8 March 2017

From abandoning their deficit targets to slashing funding for education, it is clear the Tories are failing on their own terms, argues Progress chair Alison McGovern MP Debt The Tories have delayed their target on debt three times since 2010 Background: Their original target (2011) was to have debt falling by 2015-16. Then in 2014 that was …

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Passing the buck on social care

Linda Thomas  |  19 December 2016

A six per cent increase in council tax hurts those who are just about managing the most, writes deputy leader of Bolton council Linda Thomas Although the latest announcement now acknowledges the crisis that they denied in the autumn statement, the government’s solution is plain wrong because it shifts the burden of their failed austerity policy …

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A ‘sticking plaster’ approach

Karin Smyth MP  |  15 December 2016

Britain’s social care system needs a strategic, long-term solution, not a quick fix, argues Karin Smyth MP This week the government announced it is allowing councils to increase the precept in order to help fund social care, as well as moving a pot of money from the New Homes Bonus to social care. It does not take …

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Verdict: Dreadful

Alison McGovern MP  |  28 November 2016

Alison McGovern has five things you need to know about the autumn statement and what it means for Brexit Britain ‘One cannot stress enough how dreadful this is’. That was the verdict of Paul Johnson, head of the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies on the dire economic future that was revealed to us on Wednesday …

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Dignity in their final years

Peter Kyle MP  |  28 November 2016

While expectations were already low for this year’s autumn statement, the conventional wisdom was that the chancellor would have at least have to do something for social care. After all, the government’s own regulator of care services, the Care Quality Commission, had warned in October that the system was at a ‘tipping point’ and made …

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Not a penny for the NHS

Jonathan Ashworth MP  |  25 November 2016

This week we saw the clearest evidence yet that Theresa May and the Tories are failing our health service. At a time when the National Health Service is facing the biggest financial difficulties in its history, the Tory government has chosen not to invest a single penny extra into the NHS or social care in its …

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A Brexit-driven productivity crisis

Seema Malhotra MP  |  25 November 2016

Wednesday’s autumn statement was a stark admission of two things: the failure of the last six years of economic policy, and the sheer cost of Brexit. It failed on the tests of fairness and fell far short of what we need to properly build a strong future. Many of us raised concerns about the economic consequences …

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A prison system in chaos

Gabriel Gavin  |  24 November 2016

Yesterday’s autumn statement comes amid an escalating crisis in our prisons. Just this week, unrest at HMP Moorland meant more than 60 prisoners had to be relocated to other prisons after cells and communal spaces were damaged. Undoubtedly, one reason for the unprecedented rise in prison violence, assaults on staff and inmates, is that there simply …

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Thin gruel for the ‘Jams’

Mike Katz  |  24 November 2016

Well, if that was his version of a dramatic flourish, it is probably just as well that Philip Hammond concluded his first autumn statement by promising to abolish them in future.   That the rescheduling of parliamentary budget statements was the gimmick of the day highlights the break in approach with this predecessor. ‘Spreadsheet Phil’ made …

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A sober statement for sober times

Allen Simpson  |  23 November 2016

There is a well trodden formula to government finance announcements. The chancellor rumbles on about why the economy is heading in the right direction under his watch but doom would surely result if the feckless opposition were in charge. Then after the cleansing sorbet of one of those jokes only politicians find funny, they say …

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