Is Ukip a threat in Oldham West?

Lewis Baston  |  27 October 2015

Michael Meacher, who died on 21 October 2015, had represented the Oldham West and Royton constituency since its creation in the boundary changes of 1997 when the former Oldham Central and Royton seat was abolished. Before that Meacher had represented Oldham West since 1970. Oldham West has been Labour since its creation in 1950 with …

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A Britain worth fighting for

Naushabah Khan  |  2 December 2014

When Mark Reckless announced his defection in September the magnitude of his decision dawned on me straight away. I was in the centre of a huge political fight. A battle in a wider war for the kind of country we live in. I cannot thank enough those comrades who dropped everything to help. My neighbouring …

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Simply trembling in the wake of Ukip won’t help

Jack Tunmore  |  22 October 2014

Six months after he became leader of the Labour party Ed Miliband visited Kent and declared: ‘We are fighting incredibly hard across the south east because I think it is important there are no “no go” zones.’ Kent needs to be much more than this for Labour; if we are to win a majority next …

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