child tax credits

Corbyn is learning fast

Sally Gimson  |  28 October 2015

This is the way to do prime minister’s questions if you want to make sure the debate is held on your terms. It felt a bit like Jeremy Corbyn was battering David Cameron over the head with an iron bar as pounded him six times with the same questions about tax credit cuts. It was not …

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The Last Word … Welcome to Paradise

Jamie Reed MP  |  23 October 2015

It was an extraordinary sight this week to see Tory members of parliament rightly decrying George Osborne and David Cameron’s cuts to tax credits that is going to take an average of £1,300 away from approximately 3 million working families in Britain. Extraordinary because having shed their crocodile tears for the benefit of that all-important …

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Marshalling for the ‘missing million’

Richard Angell  |  19 October 2015

The priority of every Labour politician on television, radio and local media must be to make clear that the government has made a choice on tax credit cuts, that there is still time to change their minds, and that just a two year delay – elequently pointed out by Rachel Reeves yesterday – could limit the impact …

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Additional family hardship on the horizon

Donald Hirsch  |  12 August 2015

Since the election an important debate has opened up over how far state benefits should be underpinning family living standards. The government is clearly trying to reduce what it sees as unnecessary dependency, including for families in low-paid work. It has approached this from multiple angles. Significantly higher minimum wages and tax allowances will increase …

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London’s (not) earning

Fiona Twycross AM  |  7 August 2015

Sending the strongest signal yet that the he is intent on targeting the poorest in our society, George Osborne used last month’s summer budget to announce a real-terms cut to tax credits. It was a move which will see millions of working people, already struggling to get by on low wages, unable to escape the …

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