No second chances

Jansev Jemal  |  30 November 2016

The Labour movement is about looking out for the most vulnerable in our society and there is no group more vulnerable than children. They are entirely dependent on the adults around them until they reach an age where they are considered fit and able to lead an independent life. But too often society has failed …

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Operation Encompass

Vera Baird  |  20 June 2016

A much-praised scheme devised by a former police sergeant from Plymouth is safeguarding children and young people affected by domestic abuse, despite obstacles caused by the government’s academies agenda. Though it received early praise from Ofsted, ‘Operation Encompass’ currently has no support from the secretary of state for education, further evidence following her repeated refusal …

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The big warning in Unicef’s report on child wellbeing

Alison Garnham  |  14 April 2016

Unicef’s analysis of child wellbeing across the developed world, released today, is emphatic that increasing family incomes is a critical tool to boost children’s educational success, health and happiness. In saying this, it is issuing a pretty clear warning to the United Kingdom government that poverty-producing policies will deprive children of happy, healthy and secure …

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Concerns over criminalisation of children in care

Sharon Hodgson MP  |  6 April 2016

Providing all children with the best start in life is something that we can all agree should be a top priority of any government, not least for those children living in residential care. With many of these children coming from some of the most troubled families in society, it is our duty as their ‘corporate …

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Child poverty measures still at risk

Sam Royston  |  26 January 2016

The government’s plans to scrap the legal duty to accurately and comprehensively monitor the number of children living in low-income families have – thankfully – been firmly rejected by the House of Lords. However, these plans will go back to the Commons and are still at risk of being overturned. The welfare reform and work …

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Sure Start works, government policy does not

Michael Pavey  |  14 January 2016

Don’t you just love the grand parliamentary traditions? Starting each session with the pomp of the state opening; beginning each day with prayers in the chamber; the final day before christmas when the government sneaks out bundles of controversial reports. With 424 government reports published on 17 December – 2015 was a truly vintage year …

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Deeds, not words

Ruth Cadbury MP  |  15 October 2015

With the appointment of Luciana Berger as shadow minister for mental health, the Labour party is at the forefront of holding this government to account on mental health services provision in England and Wales. On Tuesday, I challenged the minister for community and social care, Alistair Burt, on mental health services for children and young …

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Making children’s mental health a priority

Rose Gray  |  16 March 2015

A report just published by the Institute for Fiscal Studies has shed light on the economic cost of poor provision for childhood mental health services. With an estimated 1.8 million households affected by childhood mental health problems, this is an issue that can no longer be ignored. Aside from the obvious emotional and social costs …

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Helping families stay together

Cathy Ashley  |  15 February 2015

There are more children in this country raised by kinship carers, commonly grandparents or older siblings, than there are in care or who are adopted. Earlier this week Tristram Hunt MP proposed a package of reforms to enable more children, who cannot live safely with their parents, to be raised by extended family members rather …

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Time to clamp down on unhealthy advergames

Onkar Sahota  |  15 February 2015

Advertising junk food and drink directed at children will continue online without any hindrance. It is hard to believe. The Committee for Advertising Practice has come to the decision that more research is required before restrictions are placed in the advertising code to protect children from being targeted with unhealthy food online. It is very …

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