Parents need a Labour government

Alison McGovern MP  |  6 February 2015

Before Christmas, I wrote for Progress about embarking on my tour of 25 constituencies across the country to promote Labour’s exciting and transformative policy of offering 25 hours of free childcare each week for working parents of 3 and 4 year olds. This week, I have passed a major milestone with a trip to the …

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‘Change or get out of the way’

Liz Kendall MP and Steve Reed MP  |  5 February 2015

Josh MacAlister is spearheading a revolution in social work empowering both families and practitioners Three years ago only 10 Oxbridge graduates applied to go on social work courses. In 2013, 200 students from Oxford and Cambridge alone attempted to join Frontline, a new programme designed to attract some of the country’s highest-achieving graduates into what …

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The Red Book: children under pressure

Jack McConnell  |  7 November 2013

Today, Action for Children has launched new research showing thousands of children across the UK are struggling to cope with serious problems that no child should have to deal with. Poverty, family illness and separation are having a devastating and potentially lasting impact on children’s lives. An economic recovery might be under way, but vulnerable …

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A better deal for dads and mums

Lucy Powell MP  |  19 June 2013

As someone who has tried recently to persuade their husband to take additional paternity leave, I’m all too familiar with the barriers which stand in the way of more dads taking paternity leave. A TUC report this week highlights that less than one per cent of dads are taking advantage of changes that allow them …

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End child enlistment in our armed forces

Alex Cunningham MP  |  22 May 2013

Britain remains one of just 20 countries in the world which still recruits children from the age of 16 into the armed services. Most accept it as simply the ‘way things are’, but I would think many have never really considered what it means to enlist 16 and 17 year olds and if the needs …

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Transforming the lives of disabled children

Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  26 March 2013

Life is usually a battle for families with disabled children or those with special educational needs. The financial, emotional and practical challenges that parents encounter on a daily basis can be difficult – facilitated by a system that can be unsupportive and overly bureaucratic. Shockingly, in Britain today four in 10 disabled children face a …

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More Jessica Ennis, less Paris Hilton

Diane Abbott MP  |  28 January 2013

The pressure on children to grow up often takes two different but related forms: the pressure to take part in a pornified culture at a very early age; and the commercial pressure to consume the vast range of goods and services that are available to children and young people of all ages. When it comes …

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