No nostalgia

Claire McCarthy  |  2 October 2017

The Co-operative party’s centenary is an opportunity to express a mutual alternative to Britain’s perennial work and social care problems, writes Claire McCarthy When any organisation marks a significant milestone, like a centenary, the temptation is to spend a lot of time in nostalgia mode. The Co-operative party is not immune to this as we approach the anniversary of our founding 100 years ago this October. At its …

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By us, for us

Nick Crofts  |  15 November 2016

Co-operators are leading a local revolution I am a proud Labour and Co-operative councillor. Across the country, councillors and council candidates stand for election under a joint banner because we are determined that local government can and does benefit from our co-operative values and principles as well as the practical solutions that our movement and party offer. This …

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Be co-operative now

Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  22 April 2016

Last year thousands of people – including many of you – rallied around to support the continuation of the link between the Co-operative party and Britain’s largest co-op, the Co-operative Group. In the next few weeks, members of the Co-operative Group have the opportunity to ensure that the co-operative movement’s political arm can continue to champion …

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Community energy on the line

Andrew Pakes  |  30 October 2015

Has the government got something against renewable and community energy? First, the government came for the feed-in tariff. Now they are coming for tax relief on community energy projects. Over 1,000 jobs have already gone in the solar industry in the last month as the sector adjusts to the scale of financial changes being brought …

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The forgotten middle

Philip Ross  |  28 July 2015

They have been called the ‘forgotten middle’. They are the self-employed and in particular those on lower incomes, often called ‘precariat’ workers. They need to come together to gain recognition of their both status and their contribution. If they can gain recognition, even informally within their own ranks, then they organise. If they can organise …

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Recovery begins by Keeping it Co-op

Karin Christiansen  |  12 May 2015

Members of the Co-operative group will vote this week on whether to break the historic link between the group and the Co-operative party. Breaking this link risks emasculating the co-operative movement and would be the second loss for progressive politics in as many weeks. The Co-op group’s recent troubles are not exactly a secret and …

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Full steam ahead for co-operative values

Karin Christiansen  |  29 July 2014

Last December, in the middle of a bout of extreme weather that ironically saw the suspension of all rail services in Scotland, a dedicated group of Co-operative party members and transport experts met in a room in the Holyrood Hotel in Edinburgh for the launch of ‘ScotRail – a people’s railway for Scotland’. The pamphlet …

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One Nation Labour in culture and sport

Jonathan Todd and David Ward  |  19 November 2012

Ed Miliband’s deployment of One Nation Labour is an audacious land grab for the valuable political territory left vacant by the withering of the Tory left. But this will only have sustained purchase if followed through with credible policy. It is encouraging that the shadow cabinet has met to discuss development of One Nation Labour. …

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‘Predistribution’ into practice

Jim McMahon and Aroj Shah  |  17 October 2012

This week’s announcement of energy price increases by British Gas and npower have brought into sharp relief the cost of energy to all our residents. It is sadly part of a much wider picture where large organisations put financial pressure on hard pressed families. With Labour in opposition nationally for the next three years there …

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Co-op’s demonisation of Israel

Eric Lee  |  8 May 2012

On 28 April, the Cooperative Group voted to stop trading with Israeli companies that source some of their products from Jewish settlements in the occupied territories.  It is the first British supermarket chain to do so. For those of us who support a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine and who oppose the building of …

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