Dan Jarvis

Horsing about

The Insider  |  6 April 2016

In just five days, George Osborne’s budget delivered a cabinet resignation, a Labour poll lead and a total reversal on welfare. This meant Labour members of parliament returned to Westminster the following Monday in an unusually optimistic mood. This positivity lasted until 30 seconds into Jeremy Corbyn’s speech in the House of Commons that Monday afternoon. Not only did Corbyn fail …

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Modernising modernisers

Richard Angell  |  25 September 2015

The result of the Labour leadership election was hurtful – to pretend otherwise would be untrue. I think the candidate that I supported did a brilliant job – tough though her task was. As Jeremy Corbyn said, Liz Kendall ‘absolutely stands up for what she believes in’. Yvette Cooper came out and changed government policy on refugees. …

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‘If we want a Labour government, we’ve got to fight for it’

Stuart Macnaughtan  |  20 January 2015

Dan Jarvis MP is flying through his 9 days, 9 regions Labour doorstep marathon. The member of parliament for Barnsley Central is seeking to cover over 900 miles during his expedition, making the case for why people should vote Labour in all corners of England. Catching up with Jarvis on the campaign trail I asked …

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Why making work pay is key to balancing our books

Dan Jarvis MP  |  16 December 2014

Today I am leading a debate in parliament – but it is a debate we should have had three weeks ago. On 28 November my Make Work Pay Bill was due to be debated in the House of Commons. It was a bill to give greater powers to the Low Pay Commission and strengthen the …

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Ukip at the feast

Sally Gimson  |  29 October 2014

The ghost of the United Kingdom Independence party hovered over prime minister’s questions today. No one mentioned it by name. Its only member of parliament, Douglas Carswell, said nothing. But there are shadowy Ukip sympathisers among the grey-suited, ageing and disappointed men who make up the Tory parliamentary party. And they are spirits the Conservative …

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A century on it’s time to stop recruiting 16-year-olds

Rich Durber  |  5 August 2014

Yesterday the country marked 100 years since the start of the First World War. This was the latest milestone in a year of reflection on a conflict that changed our world forever and claimed the lives of 16 million people across the world. As Dan Jarvis said in parliament in June the commemorations are an …

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Books for the beach

The Progressive  |  23 July 2014

What Labour MPs should be reading this summer Along with their selections for Desert Island Discs, politicians’ declared choices of holiday reading are usually concocted to curry favour with the voters. Margaret Thatcher once claimed her choice of poolside reading was ‘the latest Jeffrey Archer’, when in reality it was more likely to be Friedrich …

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PMQs in the shadow of the reshuffle

Sally Gimson  |  16 July 2014

There were some pretty discontented former ministers scattered round the House of Commons this lunchtime. The reshuffle has taken its toll. Former secretary of state for education Michael Gove looked particularly disenchanted. He was officially revealed today in the Evening Standard as the most unpopular politician in Britain. Former defence minister Andrew Robathan, banished to backbenches, …

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Ed at the chessboard

The Insider  |  2 July 2013

It is summer, and rumours of reshuffles float gently on the Westminster breeze.  Over the last year, talking to those around Ed Miliband, a quiet theme has emerged. The shadow cabinet has not been sharing enough of the burden of creating a vision of ‘One Nation’ Labour. Too much has been left to Miliband himself. …

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From the frontline

Stephen Bush  |  7 February 2013

Stephen Bush takes the temperature in three battleground seats Labour and the Tories are targeting ‘IN 2015,’ Labour organiser Eleanor Brown tells me, ‘if we win here, we’ll know that we’ve taken back the country.’ ‘Here’ is Harlow, a satellite town just 45 minutes from London. A Labour fiefdom in the 1970s, it confirmed the …

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