domestic violence

The Tories are letting domestic abuse victims down

Vera Baird  |  31 August 2016

The attorney general should not preen himself in the press for his recent success in lengthening jail sentences for robbers and burglars. Instead he should tackle the unduly lenient sentences handed out for domestic abuse – as the Tories’ election manifesto pretended they would. In a typical case at Teesside court, a longterm abuser got …

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Operation Encompass

Vera Baird  |  20 June 2016

A much-praised scheme devised by a former police sergeant from Plymouth is safeguarding children and young people affected by domestic abuse, despite obstacles caused by the government’s academies agenda. Though it received early praise from Ofsted, ‘Operation Encompass’ currently has no support from the secretary of state for education, further evidence following her repeated refusal …

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Helen’s story needs to resonate in the real world too

Jacqui Smith  |  12 April 2016

I was the member of parliament for Ambridge. For those of you who are not fans of the Archers, I know it is a Radio 4 drama series (can’t bring myself to say ‘soap’) and therefore not real, but nevertheless the village of Inkberrow with its pub called the Bull is widely recognised to be …

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Behind Closed Doors – a dose of reality for Labour

Grace Skelton  |  15 March 2016

Last night’s BBC One documentary about domestic violence cases, Behind Closed Doors, was a sharp reminder of the realities faced by too many women in Britain today. One in 12 women in Britain will be a victim of domestic abuse from a partner. Watching the opening scenes of the programme, I naively assumed that Sabrina’s …

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Anonymity argument threatens to turn back the clock

Vera Baird  |  27 April 2015

Vulnerable victims believe that the establishment covers up when highly placed men are accused of sexual abuse, and the Lowell Goddard inquiry seems to confirm that they are right. Ever more colour is added to their fears when each time a celebrity is acquitted of sex crimes the establishment calls, yet again, for rape defendants to …

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Stronger, safer relationships

Sophy Gardner  |  18 December 2014

As a newly selected candidate in Gloucester, I made it my mission to speak to as many young people in the community as possible. I first became interested in politics as a teenager; I am passionate about getting more young people involved on their terms. So I visited schools and spoke about the issues young …

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Violence against women is not being tackled adequately

Vera Baird  |  18 December 2014

Everywoman Safe Everywhere, Labour’s commission on women’s safety, began its work under my leadership in November 2011. Its aim was to investigate concerns that government policy changes and budget cuts were disproportionately affecting women not just economically, but compromising their safety. Its initial findings just a few months later examined the cumulative impact of legal …

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Stripping domestic violence victims of their rights

Reema Patel  |  17 September 2014

Conservative-run Barnet council recently announced a review of housing allocations policy, which will force victims of domestic violence to declare themselves homeless in order to be rehoused away from their abusers. The council’s plan will effectively strip domestic violence victims of their right to be prioritised for permanent rehousing in the top band on the …

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Only Labour is standing up for women

Jane Edbrooke  |  28 July 2014

I strongly welcome Yvette Cooper’s speech on domestic violence today. I am proud to represent a party that is prepared to give this issue the attention it deserves and requires. This government is clearly not doing enough to tackle this growing problem. Figures obtained by Labour show that reports of domestic violence in England and …

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Making cooperative public services a reality

Lib Peck  |  15 April 2013

His team didn’t win the match. It’s going to be a long night! … For many women they know the trigger for violence can be based on many simple day-to-day issues. Therefore it is not just the violence itself but a life lived under continuous threat. How do you get a break from this? How …

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