election 2014

Tales of Tower Hamlets

Tom Sleigh  |  10 July 2014

What I witnessed on polling day — In medieval times the east of London reeked of urine from tanning, boiled bones for soap and other unpleasant trades that would not operate inside the controlled boundaries of the City of London. Today, different but equally unpleasant smells prevail there: allegations of corruption, voter fraud and a stolen …

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Putting politics back where it belongs

David Perry  |  10 July 2014

Labour’s victory in Harrow was, I believe, put in place eight months prior to the election when the Labour group headed out into the community to speak to residents about how the council could help them. We held open meetings with women’s groups, community organisations, the voluntary sector, trade unions and residents to hear people’s …

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Pioneering for Labour against Ukip

Ella Vine  |  10 July 2014

This year I stood first time in local elections for the Labour party, in Thurrock. It was thought that I was venturing into Tory heartland, somewhere which had seen no Labour representation for a decade. And there was a strong support for the United Kingdom Independence party – Ukip posters on almost every street in …

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Fantasy politics

Martin Phillips  |  9 July 2014

Like many activists who live in other regions, I was pleased with the electoral triumph in May of Labour in London. But reading all those celebratory tweets from those who ran Labour’s national campaign, I felt a sense of unease because the London effect seems to be distorting views in the party. I read analyses …

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Ukip and the Greens – snog, marry, avoid?

Mark Rusling  |  4 June 2014

Reading the media coverage of the 2014 elections, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that there were two sets of votes – local and European. The United Kingdom Independence party won the European elections hands down, but the locals presented a slightly more hopeful picture. Labour gained 338 seats and now has more councillors than the …

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We will win hearts and minds in 2015

Caroline Flint MP  |  1 June 2014

What can we say about last week’s elections? The key test for any party is: how well are we doing where we need to gain seats? So look at the Tories. In the key marginal seats they need to defend –Crawley, Croydon and Amber Valley – they lost. And in the seats they need to …

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After the deluge

Lewis Baston  |  30 May 2014

Ukip’s victories in last month’s elections have changed the political landscape, writes Lewis Baston The local and European elections were shocking and in many ways demoralising for Labour supporters. They were not a clear victory like the 2012 local elections were, and Labour’s vote slumped alarmingly in many areas that have been strongholds of the …

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Hard truths

Editorial  |  30 May 2014

Last month’s local and European elections bore all the hallmarks of a dress rehearsal for next year’s general election. So what do they tell us about how ready Labour is for opening night in May 2015? In a number of places with key marginal seats – Cambridge, Stevenage, Crawley, and Hastings – Labour made strong …

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Campaign for a Labour Majority: Labour and Europe

Farah Nazeer  |  12 March 2014

As a part of the Campaign for a Labour Majority, last Tuesday’s Progress event, co-hosted with the Labour Movement for Europe, explored the emotionally charged issue of Europe and what Labour needs to do on the issue of Europe to win a Labour majority in 2015. Gareth Thomas MP, shadow minister for Europe, gave the …

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Turning Trafford red

Tom Ross  |  28 February 2014

Labour is on the front foot in Trafford as we head into the final weeks before polling day. We’ve been out every week on the doorstep, having conversations with people across the borough. The more conversations we’ve had, the more it has become clear that people are increasingly disillusioned with David Cameron’s flagship borough in …

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